The Baleans are the ultra-violent marauders of the wastelands – a barbaric tribe of psychopaths, cannibals, and sadists.

Baleans attack suddenly and with overwhelming force in the dark of the night. They hide their humanity behind horrific masks, spikes, chains, scavenged or scrap metal armor, and the stench of death. They commonly drench themselves in blood before a raid. In an instant, entire villages are wiped from the earth, and the raiders have vanished back into the shadows.

Baleans live to strike terror in their enemies by looking and acting like nightmare creatures. These savages are the descendants of mobsters, prisoners, and the criminally insane who further augment their viciousness with psychoactive drugs, steroids, and adrenaline.



The Reclaimers base their culture on military organizations and societies such as ancient Sparta, Rome, Hellenistic Greece, and modern military regimes and institutions. The members of this tribe are the descendents of the decimated armies of the various world powers who were fighting in the wastelands at the collapse of civilization. Many of these armies were abandoned on the battlefield when the governments they served were dissolved or overtaken by different megacorporations. These forces had huge caches of military equipment and supplies at their disposal, giving them a pronounced advantage over many other wasteland survivors. These widely dispersed units and armies began to unite over time under a common set of ideals until they became a unique tribal power in the wasteland after several generations.

The betrayal and abandonment of these soldiers on the battlefield, in combination with their military conditioning and agendas, have shaped, twisted, and united their tribal ideology. The Reclaimers believe that the fall of human civilization was the inevitable result of the human race’s gradual descent into decadence, laziness, and complacency under the irresponsible guidance of corrupt political structures and the self-serving greed and influence of the megacorporations. The goal of the Reclaimers is to take the planet back from the opportunistic tyrants, and the masses of enslaved, cowardly, weak humans that they helped create. Their vast resources, rigid conditioning, and superior weapons have given The Reclaimers many victories over other wasteland tribes, resulting in a shared egoism and views of superiority. Reclaimers hope to rebuild the world in their own image by imposing their Spartan, militaristic society onto the world after destroying all people and cultures they perceive as weak.