The Reclaimers base their culture on military organizations and societies such as ancient Sparta, Rome, Hellenistic Greece, and modern military regimes and institutions. The members of this tribe are the descendents of the decimated armies of the various world powers who were fighting in the wastelands at the collapse of civilization. Many of these armies were abandoned on the battlefield when the governments they served were dissolved or overtaken by different megacorporations. These forces had huge caches of military equipment and supplies at their disposal, giving them a pronounced advantage over many other wasteland survivors. These widely dispersed units and armies began to unite over time under a common set of ideals until they became a unique tribal power in the wasteland after several generations.

The betrayal and abandonment of these soldiers on the battlefield, in combination with their military conditioning and agendas, have shaped, twisted, and united their tribal ideology. The Reclaimers believe that the fall of human civilization was the inevitable result of the human race’s gradual descent into decadence, laziness, and complacency under the irresponsible guidance of corrupt political structures and the self-serving greed and influence of the megacorporations. The goal of the Reclaimers is to take the planet back from the opportunistic tyrants, and the masses of enslaved, cowardly, weak humans that they helped create. Their vast resources, rigid conditioning, and superior weapons have given The Reclaimers many victories over other wasteland tribes, resulting in a shared egoism and views of superiority. Reclaimers hope to rebuild the world in their own image by imposing their Spartan, militaristic society onto the world after destroying all people and cultures they perceive as weak.

Tribal Origin and History

During the Wars of Ruin, the world’s nation states were either dissolved, or subsumed by corporate entities. This often left large military factions abandoned in the wastelands without leadership or purpose, but with large caches of military equipment and fortifications. Several of these armies were commandeered by the new corporate city-states, others became gangs of criminals and marauders, but many more either disbanded or refused to give their allegiance to the new corporate overlords. Those groups who refused to disband or join the new corporate states began to unite together under new, common principles and ideals. A singular society began to form around militaristic training and discipline. Many of these veterans felt betrayed and abandoned by their previous leaders, due to political weakness. However, they still clung to the camaraderie and brotherhood that was instilled upon them in their military past. Their rigid discipline and prior nationalistic allegiances began to twist and coalesce into a unified ideology: that mankind had become increasingly weak and timid throughout the recent ages. The people of the past let politics and economics determine their fate along the path of least resistance. This had put greedy opportunists and criminal cabals in power, who, through furthering their self-serving agendas, had weakened and enslaved humanity over time, leading to the conditions that ultimately toppled civilization.

The final betrayal, in the minds of these veterans, was the gradual replacement of human soldiers (seen to be the strongest humans, and most fit to survive) with machines and biological weapons (seen as methods of cowardly warfare), and ultimately the total enslavement or disbanding of the world’s armies to commercial interests. Therefore, the surviving military factions united under a common goal: To reclaim the world from the lecherous cowards who had bred and conditioned humanity into complacency and servitude, and rebuild it in discipline and military order, so the strongest might thrive once more. Toward this end, the factions united under a common banner, and became an army without a nation. They called their new fighting force The Army of Global Reclamation, and set out to truly conquer the world. Decades later, they are one of the most powerful tribal powers in the world, and control large areas of the global wasteland. In addition to conquering other tribes, they pursue constant, total warfare with the corporate city-states – perhaps the only powers that can stand in the way of the Reclaimers realizing their idealistic goal of forging a new world in their own image.


Because of their “only the strong survive” mentality, The Reclaimers can often be found in alliance with the tribe of the Scions. They are very adept at creating and using conventional weapons, as well as masters of close combat techniques. Reclaimers will often form trade agreements with other tribes, but this usually requires the other group to adopt many or all of the aspects of Reclaimer society and culture. This ensures that within a few generations, these trade partners’ offspring will inevitably become Reclaimers themselves.

The Reclaimers will only fully ally with a group who is willing to submit to their command and social order. They see other tribes as inferior (to varying degrees), and tend to only form alliances out of desperation. In their view, all humans should be subjugated and taught how to be truly human, before civilization can be rebuilt.


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Tribal Culture

Reclaimers idolize historical figures, such as Hannibal, Julius Ceasar, Alexander, and Genghis Khan who they see as great conquerors with similar aims of freeing and strengthening mankind. Their society is modeled predominantly after the ancient Spartans, with a more modern military hierarchy. They believe that the fall of global civilization was ultimately the result of humanity becoming weak and complaisant. They seek to rebuild civilization through conquest and the ruthless decimation of the irrevocably meek and opportunistic.

The society and ideologies of the Reclaimers are abhorrent in civilized perspectives, but have proven a successful survival strategy in the wastelands after the fall.


Reclaimers have no religion, per se, but practice a sort of Hero Worship. They regard any military conqueror or mythological hero from history as their ancestors, and each soldier of note will typically possess a semi-mythological pedigree, tracing their descent back to some great general or warrior. Reclaimer leaders and soldiers who achieve greatness through victory, fearlessness, or self sacrifice often become worshiped heroes within the society alongside ancient heroes.

Social Rank and Social Mobility

Reclaimer society is a militaristic meritocracy. Decisions are made by a group of the highest ranking members of each level of the social order. These commands are expected to be carried out without question. Since anyone can potentially achieve high rank through victories and feats of strength, the system is seen to be just and fair according to their ideologies.

Women and men are treated exactly the same in the ranks of The Army of Reclamation. There is no superiority of race, gender, or profession – only military rank. In Reclaimer society, rank achievement is viewed as the equivalent of a public recognition of strength and excellence. Therefore, rank is the only relevant way of judging one another. You honorably obey the individuals who outrank you, and honorably command those below your rank.

All adults are expected to train and fight according to their assigned position in society. The social structure is stratified and hierarchical. An individual’s station in life directly correlates to that person’s military success and status. The society is therefore extremely dynamic and mobile. A person’s rise or fall in the social structure is seen as a direct result of their own actions. All professions are linked with ranks, and all are seen as equally important to the continuing operation of their military machine.

Reclaimers do not practice marriage, but simply couple to produce offspring. This coupling is strictly planned to ensure plenty of soldiers for their army in future generations, while avoiding overpopulation in regard to their resources.


Education is seen as highly important, but only the subjects and applications which can be proven to have a military benefit. Children are incorporated into an Agoge-style system of military training and education from a very early age. Also stemming from Spartan culture, the Reclaimers do not tolerate defects or potential weakness in their offspring. Any infants born with signs of imperfection are promptly destroyed for the continued strength and betterment of the society at large.

Any specialized skills that the Baleans require, such as weapon-smithing, technical skills, and the like, are usually obtained through the taking of captives on raids of other tribes. If a member of another tribe has highly renowned skills, then it is likely that they will be taken alive if their village is attacked. They will then be forced to supply their skills to their new masters.

Indoctrination into the tribe

Since there is no possibility of marriage into the Reclaimer culture, it is more difficult for an outsider to enter into the society. The most common method is when another group has been conquered after fighting bravely and honorably, it is the tradition of the reclaimers to occasionally offer the strongest and most heroic of the survivors a place in the ranks of the Reclaimer army. If this is refused, then the vanquished individual is executed in military fashion, with all due respect and honor. If a conquered opponent is seen to flee or fight as cowards, then the entire group will be executed to ensure their weakness of mind and body are not allowed to propagate, and do not infect the minds of others.

If the invitation to join the Reclamation Army is accepted, then the new member will often receive a low starting rank, due to their ‘imperfect’ training and conditioning, and is expected to strive to raise themselves to a higher rank. Reclaimers offer this invitation to those they see as worthy because their ideology decrees that they are reclaiming the world for the strongest specimens of humanity. They believe that the weak outnumber the strong, so they wish to save as many strong specimens as possible to help them ‘euthanize’ the weak.

Material Culture

Reclaimers have few permanent structures, aside from the lines of forts that they build in their wake, and live mostly in temporary, tent encampments. They prefer to remain immediately mobile at all times, and abhor the collection of too many personal possessions. A popular motto of the Reclaimers – taken from medieval German mercenaries – “You do not truly own anything that you cannot carry at a dead run.”

Reclaimers obtain most of what they need through scavenging the battlefields after destroying their enemies, and frequent raids of corporate supply caravans. Other supplies, ammunition, and food are produced and stored in their forts. Forts may be small outposts in rural areas, or completely fortified, ruined cities. The stockpiles in these locations can be dispatched to the front lines, along with reinforcements, at a moment’s notice. This is why the reclaimers build such fortifications at regular intervals along trade routes and functioning roads. They learned from the Romans that in order for an army to travel most swiftly, there must be a network of well maintained and defended roads.