Game Overview

Lands of Ruin is a hybrid tabletop miniature game which merges traditional tabletop miniature gaming with modern tablet technology.

It is a skirmish scale, near-future, Sci-Fi game. Games are usually played with two players, each commanding 2 to 10 characters.

Many of the rule details are handled by the app without user actions.

Game Requirements

To play the Lands of Ruin Early Access you will need to have an Android tablet for both players, 2-3 miniatures for each player, to represent their team, as well as 10 or so miniatures representing Rotters. Additionally you'll need an inch ruler that can measure up to 20" and 1, or preferably more, D20 dice. The game is played on a table and about 3"x 3"is enough space for a game. Some terrain or boxes to act as terrain to simulate buildings and ruins in a post-apocalyptic city or wasteland.

Action Points

Lands of Ruin is an Action Point based system. In a normal situation each player character has 15 Action Points to spend per turn. These points will be used to assign actions to the characters for the following turn. Different actions require a different number of points determined by the complexity of the action. Any action points left over are automatically assigned to the character's movement allowance.

Turn Sequence

Action phase

The Action Phase is where all actions are performed and characters moved. A character can perform any actions assigned to it in the previous command phase. Assigned actions can be ignored and don't have to be performed. Note that on the first Action Phase characters can only move and cannot perform any actions as there's not yet been a command phase.

Sync phase

The Sync Phase is where the player tells the Lands of Ruin Command Console app where the characters are located on the battlefield.

Command phase

The Command Phase is where you have to plan for your next turn by assigning actions to your characters using the action point system described below.

Environment phase

An Environment Phase occurs at the end of each player's turn sequence. While this phase is technically the last part of one player's turn, all players participate in, and are affected by, each Environment Phase. During this phase any Rotters are moved according to the app AI and new Rotters will be spawned. Grenades and all other environmental effects are also resolved here.

Team Morale

Morale is handled automatically by the app, but understanding how morale is calculated allows you to avoid team panic and even try to cause your opponent's team to panic.

Your team has three states of morale: normal, team confused and team panicked. Unlike suppression, morale is applied equally to all of your characters, since it represents the team's cohesion and the leader's ability to keep them focused and following orders.


Damage in a game of Lands of Ruin is not resolved immediately. This is to simulate the simultaneous action of each player's turn. While your character is attacking your opponent's characters, they are already moving and attacking you during the same sequence of time.

Unresolved hits & Resolving damage

When a character is hit he / she receives an unresolved hit. The unresolved hits are automatically tracked by the app. You can always see the number of unresolved hits on your character cards.

All unresolved hits are automatically resolved at the start of your next command phase. Animations indicate any new effects (or recovered effects) at the start of the command phase.

When resolving unresolved hits the app automatically rolls from a D100 chart to see what effect that hit caused. The results of the hit vary from no effect, to wounded, to unconsciousness, and death.


Any attack causes suppression to the target. Many weapons cause considerable suppression even when they fail to hit the target.

The amount of suppression is defined per weapon. Weapon's "Miss Suppression" is always automatically caused to the target whenever an attack is performed. If the attack hits its target, an additional "Hit Suppression" is added to the character.

Suppression is described with a percentage from 0% to 100% .

The suppression percentage directly reduces the character's movement allowance. A 100% suppressed character is considered to be frozen in fear, and cannot move at all.

The "Offensive Modifier" of suppression is calculated automatically by the app. A 100% suppressed character receives a -10 modifier to all attack rolls.

Download complete rules

To dive in deeper to the game rules download the early access rulebook as a PDF.