Lands of Ruin is currently in early access state downloadable by anyone for free!

The Early Access version contains core gameplay of Lands of Ruin and is intended as an early test release for people interested in participating into creation of the next generation tabletop-gaming experience.

What do you need?

  • 2 Android tablets and Lands of Ruin Android Command Console app installed (iOS version is coming soon!).
  • 4 character models (2 for each player)
  • 6 or so Rotter models (or any models that you can use as them. Zombie models from other games are suitable for the purpose)
  • 1 (or preferably several) D20 di(c)e
  • Measurement tape in inches (the longest distance you need to measure is 20”)
  • A table to play the game on. The area you need is about 30” x 30”.
  • Miniature terrain. For tutorial 3 buildings is enough. You can also use boxes or books for your first games.


Face-to-face Tutorial

We know that starting to learn a new game might be a bit daunting. But don’t worry, we’re here to help! We want to help individuals and gaming clubs to get started with Lands of Ruin. Let’s setup a time for a free guided game session where we guide you through the first steps of gameplay and teach you to play Lands of Ruin. Simply click the link below and submit a guided game request and we’ll help you get started!

Request a guided gameplay session with the devs via Google Hangouts



We want your help building the best next generation tabletop game! There are multiple ways to reach us. You can email us or use any of the popular social media ways. We also have a Google+ community that functions like a forum which is the easiest way to have a publicly visible conversation with us.

Pick any means you like and contact us! We want to hear from you!