Lands of Ruin is a post-apocalypse, tabletop wargame. However, it is not just another run-of-the-mill clone of every other game on the market. This next generation tabletop game utilises the recent advances in mobile technology to bring a more realistic, faster paced, and deeper gaming experience to the already mature tabletop wargaming genre. A companion tablet (Android and iOS) app allows for more rapid gameplay, while simultaneously introducing a level of depth and realism that cannot be achieved in other game systems.

A level of depth and realism that cannot be achieved with other game systems

Set in the near-future, after the catastrophic global collapse of civilization, humanity has returned to tribal, nomadic societies to help cope with the constant dangers of this new world. The game’s conflict revolves around the interaction of these tribes. Players can choose to play as one of the pre-made tribes, or create their own.

Lands of Ruin brings many aspects of video games and roleplaying games into tabletop gaming, like detailed character design, character info and inventory screens, skill trees, player ranking, difficulty settings, etc. The app also allows the game to incorporate hidden or secret actions, characters, and deployments. More flexible rules and combat modifiers within the app allow for a more immersive game experience without complicating or delaying game progress.

Lands of Ruin brings many aspects of video games, RPGs, and MMOs to tabletop gaming.

Each player runs the app on their own Android tablet. The app tracks the player army’s stats, modifiers, damage, ranking, supplies, and turn sequences. The app connects the players’ tablets to provide deeper player interaction, strategy, and depth of the game itself – it virtually assumes the roles of game master, stats sheet, and rulebook. While any number of players is possible, two player games are the most popular.

Game master, in every game, every time

Additionally, the app will allow for a game continuum between individual battles. Since all team and character information, as well as previous battle effects and items, are saved by the app, players can save, advance, and develop their army’s individual characters from game to game. The app will also allow for easy creation of battle reports. We feel this will give the game and the story of the world we are creating a greater depth, such as that found in roleplaying games.

The Command Console allows for a game continuum between battles

While the players battle each other over territory and supplies, their strategy will be interrupted and thwarted by roaming droves of the infected dead, merciless and malfunctioning war drones, and hordes of mutant bio-weapons. Battles take place in the former cities of the wastelands, where one must scavenge and kill to survive.


Lands of Ruin is a skirmish scale, near-future, Sci-Fi game. It is usually played with two players, both with 5 to 10 characters on their side. Key features allowed by our approach:

  • Artificial intelligence controlled NPCs (Rotters, Mechs, Drones, non-player soldiers, etc).
  • Detailed simulation of the world outside the gaming area.
  • Information that is not known by both players (hidden characters like snipers, severity of wounds, etc).
  • Detailed tracking of each character and their experience accumulation.
  • Better simulation of simultaneous action – actions of different characters happening at the same time.

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Living World

We set out with the goal of creating a new kind of tabletop miniature game. We didn’t want to create just another variation of the hundreds of existing games. We wanted to introduce something that’s never been done before. In this page we will take a more detailed look at one of the key features that makes the Lands of Ruin a very different game. It is the way Lands of Ruin connects the players together and make the world a living place. We will talk about the connected server system, which effectively makes Lands of Ruin a MMO (massively multiplayer online game), or at least utilizes the best parts of a MMO. In most wargames, the world is static, the battles happen in isolation, and the world stops outside the area represented on the table. We wanted to change that. The unique combination of technology and tabletop gaming allows us to make the world alive. Things happen outside the battle area. All players are connected and all fights happen in the same instance of the world.

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Game Rules

Lands of Ruin is played with a companion tablet app. Many of the rule details are handled by the app without user actions. However, we do want to make all the rules available to players so they know what’s going on in the background. The rules will be released as a free ebook download once the game launches.

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In the wastelands, tribal groups battle for survival and dominance. Each player controls a team that is aligned with one of these tribes, and each game is played to increase the renown and success of their tribe within the living world of Lands of Ruin.

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Our Kickstarter campaign is now live! We're looking for funding to create 6 hero characters and their cohort.

Lands of Ruin Kickstarter campaign.