Lands of Ruin Command Console

Lands of Ruin Command Console is the free companion app for playing Lands of Ruin, the tabletop MMO. Download it now from Google Play for you Android tablet. You can also use the free Bluestacks emulator to try it out!



The early access rulebook still needs a lot work but for interested players it's worth taking a look.

We're looking for feedback and thought so please send us a message once you've taken a look!

Quick Start Guide – Early Access – draft (pdf)

Quick Start Guide – Early Access – draft (online)

Rulebook – Early Access – draft (pdf - LQ, 74mb)

Rulebook – Early Access – draft (pdf - HQ, 150mb)

Rulebook – Early Access – draft (read online)

Voices from the Waste - short stories

Download Voices from the Waste (pdf, 33mb)

Press Kit

The press kit can be used to write about us. It contains images and description you can use on your site.

Download the Press kit PDF. (26 mb)
Download press kit image and screenshot attachment zip. (82 mb)

Free and Open Source 3D Models (STL)

Second Generation Hero and Follower Models

These models are designed for resin casting and already cut for production.

Androphage - Followers

Mulcibur - Followers

Thanatos - Followers

Achilles - Followers

Laconides - Followers

Dorian - Followers

First Generation Models

Our high quality 3D models for our first generation models for Baleans and Reclaimers. These models are designerd for 3D printing.

Creative Commons License
The released 3D models are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License