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Building post apocalyptic terrain for Lands of Ruin.

12 Oct 2015

Your tabletop terrain makes a huge impact to how your game of Lands of Ruin looks, feels and plays. Building terrain is one fascinating part of the tabletop gaming hobby. You can let you creativity loose on the buildings of the post-apocalypse.

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We’re Open Sourcing 3D Models of our First Generation Miniatures!

08 Oct 2015

Our high quality 3D models for our first generation models for Baleans and Reclaimers are now available for everyone to download and use under an Open Source license.

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Looking for 3D Artists and Miniature Production Partners

18 Sep 2015

We're hiring 3D sculptors and concept artists.

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Lands of Ruin at Make Munich

20 Apr 2013

Today was the first public showing of our game at the Make Munich event. The feedback was extremely positive and encouraging. A massive thank you to everyone who stopped by to ask questions or play a demo game.

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Wasteland Tribe Creation

03 Apr 2013

Since we will soon begin posting tribe descriptions and histories to the website, I wanted to make a post discussing how we came up with the different tribes in Lands of Ruin, and what they represent, as an insight into our creative process.

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