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Hidden Characters and Activity

14 Dec 2015

Asymmetric information allows implementation of tactics and strategies which have not been possible in tabletop gaming before. LoR's hidden characters and secret actions create exciting opportunities.

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Game Tutorial Video Series

06 Dec 2015

The Lands of Ruin Game Tutorial video series gets you up to speed with playing LoR.

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AI Controlled NPCs on the Tabletop

03 Dec 2015

Artificial Intelligence controlled characters have not been possible in the past. With the technology in Lands of Ruin it is now available for tabletop gaming for the first time. In this article we explain how AI works in a game of LoR and what to expect in the future.

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Hidden Complexity

30 Nov 2015

Our unique way of combining tabletop gaming with a companion tablet app has enabled us to have our cake and eat it too. We were able to create gameplay where complexity is hidden from the users making the game fast to learn and play without compromising realism or limiting interesting game mechanisms. In this article I want to explain what we mean when we say hidden complexity in the context of Lands of Ruin gameplay.

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Every Gaming Table Needs a Dice Tower

23 Nov 2015

Dice Towers allow for an easy, obvious place for players to roll dice without knocking over terrain pieces or miniatures. In a terrain-heavy game like Lands of Ruin, this is especially helpful.

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