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Lands of Ruin in Make Munich

15 Jan 2016

Lands of Ruin team will be at the Make Munich event this weekend! We are going to be running miniature painting and terrain making workshops for anyone willing to give it a try.

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Realism and Simultaneous Action

09 Jan 2016

Using the companion tablet app allows us to create much more realistic feeling gameplay without compromising game pace or forcing players to do tedious calculations.

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Introducing - New Balean Miniatures

06 Jan 2016

Baleans are coming! In this post we take a look at the upcoming Balean miniature range for Lands of Ruin.

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Tribal Heroes and Alliances

30 Dec 2015

The story of Lands of Ruin predominantly revolves around the competition between tribal alliances. Each player chooses a tribal alliance, creates their own tribe within that alliance, and populates it with characters. A player tribe can be thought of as a village that has an allegiance to a certain tribal alliance. Below the larger story of the battles between major tribal factions, Lands of Ruin also tells the tale of tribal heroes. These are the main characters that each player takes into battle for their tribe. Heroes are archetypal, charismatic figures within the player’s tribe.

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Continuum from Battle to Battle, MMO and RPG-like Features

28 Dec 2015

Your tribe is persistent. When you fight battles, your tribe gains renown within the wasteland. Your heroes also gain experience in the battle and bring back valuable loot for you to use in future battles.

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