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Hero Spotlight - Achilles

31 Jan 2016

Achilles is one of the hero characters of the Reclaimers tribe. He is also one of the characters we are currently making a miniature for.

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Lands of Ruin Ambassador Program

30 Jan 2016

Land of Ruin Ambassador Program is a way for us to reward and recognise the work our community does helping new players to get started with Lands of Ruin.

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Lands of Ruin Press Kit

29 Jan 2016

Interested in writing about Lands of Ruin? Great! We have a ready packed press kit for you giving you overview and the material you can use in your post.

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Lands of Ruin Kickstarter starts 19th of February

26 Jan 2016

Land of Ruin Kickstarter will launch at 19th of February!

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World History

16 Jan 2016

The history of the Lands of Ruin world is unique, rich, and full of stories. The final war that destroyed civilization still rages on as a ghost war being waged by hordes of reanimated soldiers, bioweapons, drones, and battlemechs still executing their final battlefield commands long after their masters have perished. In the wastelands of the ruined world, not even the dead have seen the end of the war.

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