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Tutorial Mode

18 Feb 2016

Learning a tabletop game can be difficult. Many games come with hundreds of pages of rules that have to be memorised before the game can be started. We want to change that. Lands of Ruin Tutorial Mode will allow players to simply pick up their tablet and start their first game.

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Battle Reports and Statistics

17 Feb 2016

The Lands of Ruin Command Console app tracks nearly everything on the battlefield. All the statistics and events are available to the players in the form of battle reports and character statistics. This way you can thoroughly review and analyze your effectiveness and tactics after the battle.

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Mats and Maps

15 Feb 2016

Game map is what connects the physical world with the digital one. While the game works well on any table a battle mat might be the easiest way to get started.

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Rotters and Rotter Miniatures

10 Feb 2016

Rotters (that's what people of the wasteland call zombies) are the first, AI-Controlled, NPC race of the Lands of Ruin gameplay. In this post we look into the backstory of Rotters and explore available models to represent them.

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A.I. on the Tabletop

06 Feb 2016

What does A.I. mean? What does it mean to bring A.I. to the tabletop?

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