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Our Philosophy

While creating this game, we have sought to eliminate the aspects of most tabletop wargames that we find intrusive to gameplay, unrealistic, limiting, or down right annoying. Where other game systems have to remove much combat realism and adjust their rules for the sake of simplicity and speed of play, we have utilized the companion app in such a way that we can make combat in Lands of Ruin more realistic and complex, while making gameplay more rapid and simple to learn.

Through replacing many game materials with technology, it is also our hope that it will be easier and cheaper for people to get started in our game without spending a fortune or having to wait to play until they have all the materials. It will additionally be easier for us to add expansions and additional content to our game more frequently.

We wanted to create a game that combined our obsessions with Sci-Fi, horror, survivalism, gaming, and comics with our concerns for the future of civilization. We then mixed in our backgrounds and interests in the military, history, science, anthropology, art, and technology to build a modern game system from the ground up.

We feel that each time you sit down to play the game, you should be adding to a greater narrative of your tribe, and that story should be as rich and immersive as possible.

Ultimately, we hope to join with others who have the same interest in creating their own games to form a greater community of independent game designers. We believe there are endless possibilities for creating games, especially when combined with available technology. We would like to make wargaming accessible to more people, and at the same time allow those same people the ability to influence the games they play. If you are interested in sharing this vision, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Press kit

In case you would like to publish an article about Lands of Ruin, we have created a Press Kit, which you can download and use for your article. The Press Kit contains a brief description of the game as well as some promotional images and beta application screenshots. If you need any additional information, or have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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Contact us

Lands of Ruin
Grafinger Str. 6
81671 München

Contact the Lands of Ruin team via email at: info@landsofruin.com

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Lands of Ruin - Icon - Final (t-shirt)

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The Team

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Sebastian Kaspari

I am an Android developer living in Munich.

Google+: Sebastian Kaspari
Android Blog: www.androidzeitgeist.com

Contact Sebastian directly: sebastian@landsofruin.com

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Frederick Albrecht

I am an Associate Quality Assurance Director with a background in mobile and web app testing. I tend to view the evolution of technology from an Anthropological perspective, and analyze the cultural impacts and implications technology has on human culture and psychology – both historically, and currently. I see the burgeoning technologies of cloud computing and 3D printing as the beginnings of a new industrial and informational revolution, where manufacturing and product creation can be returned to individuals within their own homes.

Google+: Frederick Albrecht

Contact Rick directly: rick@landsofruin.com

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Juhani Lehtimäki

I am an Android developer and design fan with more than ten years of experience in the tech industry. I’m also the author of book Smashing Android UI.

My wargaming hobby I started with the Rogue Trader edition of WH40K about 20 years ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. In the years I’ve played dosens of different miniature games and painted (too) many armies. I love miniature gaming!

Google+: Juhani Lehtimäki

Twitter: @lehtimaeki

Android Blog URL: www.androiduipatterns.com

Contact Juhani directly: juhani@landsofruin.com

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