6th extinction games

Sixth Extinction Games is a young games studio building an exciting new approach to tabletop gaming.

Sixth Extinction was born out of our passion as tabletop gamers. After thousands of hours of gaming, we started to sense a certain frustration about some aspects of gameplay. It was this frustration that led us to create our own studio.

We are building a novel approach to tabletop gaming where:

  • Complex game mechanisms are handled by the software in the form of companion tablet apps.
  • AI Controlled NPCs and Environmental Effects introduce elements of randomness into a game.
  • MMO & RPG-like features expand the depth and capabilities of game characters.

Our first game, Lands of Ruin, demonstrates how these game mechanic create a dynamic, fast-paced and varied type of gameplay.

Our Staff

JuhaniFounder, Game Designer, Tech Lead, Developer (Android)

I am an Android developer and a gamer. I've been playing role playing games, miniature games, board games and computer games since late 80s.

I own a considerable collection of miniatures form multitude of game systems. I also enjoy painting miniatures (although I'm not much of a painter) and terrain modelling.

JasperFounder, CEO

Jasper has been building teams and companies for over 10 years. A techie at heart, Jasper is experienced at creating digital products, most lately with a mobile focus.

RickFounder, Game Designer, Creative Lead

My varied background includes studying history and anthropology, a professional tech background, and a lifelong love of gaming - especially those games that have immersive stories with esoteric messages, or some unique revelation of human nature. Art and storytelling have also always been some of my strongest interests. I see the potential of games to be both vehicles of greater artistic and social expression, as well as immersive experiences that can portray the real world in innovative ways that cannot be expressed in other mediums. Combining technology with tabletop gaming allows for before unseen levels of detail and realism. Creating the stories and cultures of Lands of Ruin gives me an opportunity to combine all of my interests into a single endeavour, and I cannot wait for the community of gamers to join us in creating the future history of the game.

SebastianFounder, Developer, Software Architect

The mastermind begind the software architecture of Lands of Ruin app and backend services.


I’m an Animation Director and Illustrator stemming from an Advertising career. I have always had a love for comics, animation, sci-fi, video games and ultraviolence. Finally I have found a place I can’t be thrown out of for drawing skulls, guns and rotting corpses!