January 02, 2017

Introducing Cohorts, Lands of Ruin Command Console V.0.17

A new version of the Lands of Ruin Command Console is now availabe in Google Play Store for Android

Version 0.17 adds the first version of cohorts to the game. This first implementation for public test is not complete but the core features are there.

Some of the hero characters still miss their special actions and they will be added later. We wanted to bring the core gameplay to the public as soon as it was ready so we can start gathering feedback.


Hero characters establish a devoted following in your tribe's population. When they want they can bring some of their followers, or cohort, to the battle with them.

Cohorts come in 3 different types. Each one with their own ruleset.


Independent cohort acts as a hero character. They are free to move around the battlefield using their movement allowance and they assign and perform actions as a hero character would.

Independent cohorts must stay within 2" of each other. Simply put each cohort model must always have another model from the same cohort within 2".

Close Support

Close support cohort stays nearby the hero character throughout the battle directly supporting the hero. Close support cohort won't assign its own actions but instead applicable actions (shooting and close combat) will be automatically assigned to the cohort when assigned to the hero. The cohort always has the same movement value as the hero.

Close support cohorts must stay within 2" of each other and the hero. Simply put each cohort model must always have another model from the same cohort or the hero within 2".

When a hero of close support cohort goes "down" the cohort won't move out he the range of the hero. The cohort can still move as long as they maintain the 2" rule. A close support cohort will be able to shoot and fight in close combat even when their hero is "down". In these situations you can assign actions directly to the cohort.

Slave / Mindless

Slaves don't have actions of their own. They act as ammunition and living shields of their "hero".

Slave squads always stay near the hero. Place any slaves into base-to-base contact with the hero.

When the controlling hero is "down" the slave cohort becomes practically unusable. They will stand around doing nothing. They will still be attacked by Rotters or can be attacked but they won't fight back.

Heroes with their Cohort

Cohorts are not just a different type of character on the battlefield. In fact, the cohort often unlock special abilities of the corresponding hero character. For example, the Reclaimer Dorian character can fire a huge Bazooka once a game but only if his cohort is still alive. Same applies to the Balean Androphage and his fearless Berserker Charge across any terrain ignoring all incoming fire (suppression).


We're constantly looking for feedback from our players. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you run into problems!