December 21, 2016

Lands of Ruin Command Console V.0.16 Release Notes

A new version of the Lands of Ruin Command Console is now availabe in Google Play Store for Android

Version 0.16 brings a lot of refinements to the app user interface unifying the user experience and greatly improving first use and game setup.

Release notes

New unified user interface

We are working hard to improve the general usability of the Command Console app. In this release we took steps to unify the controls by adding a top toolbar to most screens. You will always find the "next" button on top right and name of the screen and help button on the left side of the screen. This will hopefully make it more logical for user to know what to do next and where to press.

New action: "Use Cover"

Performing "Use Cover" (the name of this action is likely to change) will make the character use any cover around them more efficiently (leaning against a wall, going down to the ground, etc) as well as prepare better firing position for their weapons.

This action replaces the previously used action "deploy bipod" that was available only to sniper rifle users. This new action is available to all characters.

After performing this action the character will receive an automatic defencive bonus but is also not allowed to move before performing an action to get up.

When performing this action make sure to face your character to the best possible direction. While normally in LoR characters have full 360 degree firing arc any characters are locked to 90 degree front firing arc after performing this action. Note that you can realign your weapons by performing a realign action.

New game setup flow

The game setup flow was seen as very difficult to understand by users. We took steps to streamline the approach and make it simpler to understand. We'll be monitoring closely how our players get along with the new approach and make more improvements where needed.

Simplified tribe management

This part of the app is still under heavy development and we're aware of the problems users are having with understanding the tribe management. In this release we did a quick update to the tribe management to fix some very obvious problems but we'll make a full iteration and larger update to this part of the app in a future release.

Improved contextual help

This is also something we're working continuously to improve but this release brings in the first implementation of the system. During the gameplay hitting the "?" button on the toolbar will give you a quick glance what the current phase is all about. You can also expand the help to get more detailed explanation.

Other improvements

  • * Fixed a bug that caused user's tribe to get erased in some cases.
  • * Fixed multiple stability issues.
  • * More reliable login and signup system.
  • * News ticker on the landing screen allowing the LoR team to push news directly to the users.
  • * New welcome screen explaining the game to new users.


We're constantly looking for feedback from our players. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you run into problems!