March 09, 2016

Choosing Heroes - Preview

Tribe management and tribe progression is still under development but to help our Kickstarter backers choose the miniatures for rewards we wanted to take preview the upcoming system.

Please don't hesitate to join our communities on FB / G+ for discussing details as well as for submitting any ideas. We want to build this together with the player community to make it the best system possible!

Building your tribe

In Lands of Ruin your tribe is persistent. Your tribe gains renown (experience) from battles you play and grows and gains resources, territory, and tribal skills over time. Your tribe is the focus of the long term gameplay of Lands of Ruin.

Your tribe consists of heros, their cohorts and various non-combattants. Which hero archetypes you choose to bring to your tribe is up to you.


Thanatos takes his name from the ancient personification of Death, as he embodies the mystery and sudden, inescapable impact of a reaper on the battlefield. He stays out of sight until his opponent believes himself safe from harm. Then Thanatos snares his foe, toying with them as they slowly die.

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This beast of a man - if truly such a monstrosity can still be considered a man - towers over his victims. His scarred face is always hidden behind an executioner’s mask sewn out of flesh. He wears little armor, since he is already impeded by his own considerable weight.

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Also an exception among his tribe, Mulcibur is one of the rare tradesman amongst the Baleans when he is not raiding and locked in combat. He is a Balean slaver - the only merchant class within the tribe. His main purpose for becoming a warrior was so that he could select his stock firsthand from the battlefield, instead of relying on other warriors to bring back live spoils from raids.

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Named for the ancient Spartan homeland, "Laconia," he embodies the same ruthless cunning of his historic namesakes. Laconides is an adept Reclaimer leader.

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Swift-footed Achilles, as he was referred to in the Homeric Epics, proved to be an apt name for the Reclaimer’s best reconnaissance scout and sniper. He is fast and silent in his maneuvers, and deadly accurate with his rifle.

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Dorian is a heavy weapons expert. He prefers carrying weapons that can do massive damage in a single shot to rapid-fire weapons that rely more heavily on accuracy. That being said, he is an excellent marksman and can demolish even the most stubborn rampart with a well-placed rocket.

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Hero compatibility

Not everybody gets along with everyone else. Bringing conflicting personalities to the battlefield is a very bad idea. How do you fight your enemy if you have to rely on team you don't trust.

In Lands of Ruin the game doesn't limit your team selection to factions as many other games do. You can build your tribe from any characters you wish even across the archetypal tribal alignments. Your overall tribe is big enough for personal conflicts to be drowned out, but on the battlefield, it is a different matter.

When you choose your team for a tabletop battle you need to keep in mind which characters get along. Choosing a team that can work together will give you a bonus in the battle while choosing conflicting characters comes with a penalty. Everything in Lands of Ruin is a trade-off. Each tactic or combination of characters affords the player different benefits or drawbacks. Carefully planned combinations of characters and weapons can make a big difference in a battle’s outcome.

In this system the game allows players to judge whether the penalty is worth it. That being said, we do not want to limit the character choice. All characters are available to you.

This "conflict system" keeps the game fair. In game terms some combinations of characters can be seen as overpowered. In those cases a penalty is applied to your team, but you can still field the combo if the penalty is worthwhile to you.

This part of the game system is still in early development. We wanted to give players a sneak peek to it already to help the character selection - especially from the Kickstarter campaign. What is outlined here is likely to change during the development process.