February 18, 2016

Tutorial Mode

Learning a tabletop game can be difficult. Many games come with hundreds of pages of rules that have to be memorised before the game can be started. We want to change that. Lands of Ruin Tutorial Mode will allow players to simply pick up their tablet and start their first game.

The Rulebook won't be going anywhere. Many players still like to learn games by reading the rules. It's also a very useful tool for getting more details about the game once the overall gameplay has become clear. However, our main goal is not to force anyone to read the Rulebook to play the game! The Command Console app's tutorial screens will contain all the information to play Lands of Ruin.

Right help - right time

One of the best features of digital content is that it can react to the context and to the user. We plan to make the tutorial mode highly contextual. This means that the help screens appear at the right time instead of trying to force everything on the user at once.

We're also building specific tutorial scenarios that will allow the players to start with a basic ruleset and start introducing more complex things later on.

Single player start

The Lands of Ruin Command Console will also allow players to start learning the game without an opponent. While the gameplay is not good enough (yet) for a challenging single player experience, learning alone is perfectly feasible.

Coming soon!

The above mentioned features are not fully implemented in the current Early Access build of the Command Console. We're working hard to get the tutorial mode shipped as soon as possible. You can expect it to roll out to the Command Console app in the coming months.