World History

The history of the Lands of Ruin world is unique, rich, and full of stories. The final war that destroyed civilization still rages on as a ghost war being waged by hordes of reanimated soldiers, bioweapons, drones, and battlemechs still executing their final battlefield commands long after their masters have perished. In the wastelands of the ruined world, not even the dead have seen the end of the war.

The rest of the future-history of Lands of Ruin is still to be written. Every game played shapes the world. How will your actions change the fate of the Lands of Ruin? What will your role be? How will your tribe be remembered? Unravelling the Story The rich narrative of Lands of Ruin begins with the “Voices from the Waste” content, which can be downloaded from our Downloads page.

This compilation is a scrapbook of found scraps of documents, diaries and files. It is meant to give only an initial impression of the world and its history, rather than an exhaustive, detailed description. This intentional vagueness allows for future game releases to include additional major events and views of the world history. Just like the real world, the story of Lands of Ruin will be a living history told by many voices, and with varying degrees of reliability.

In addition to these major releases of information, the future narrative of the world will be hinted at through downloadable and unlockable content, as well as other discoverable items and text that players will encounter while scavenging battlefields while they play against their opponents. A player’s choice of what tribe they choose to play with will influence the information that player has and receives. One tribe will have a very different view of the world, and how it came to be, from another, opposing tribe. it will be possible to deduce a greater understanding of the game world over time through comparing and contrasting the information from tribal beliefs and discoverable information.

However, the largest source of the future, and past, of the game world will be created by players themselves through playing the game and taking part in the community. One of our visions from the beginning has been to have player and community involvement have deep impacts on the game world and its continued development over time.

Persistent World

Lands of Ruin will have a living, ongoing world in which players’ battles and interactions will occur. Eventually, we hope to have this world be a global world, which would be linked to real world locations and regions.

Once there is enough of a player community to contribute to, and partake in, this world, it will allow for regional competitions and ranking, a player tribe’s influence and renown spreading across real-world boundaries, and projecting the game world onto the real world.

This larger vision is still under planning and development, but we will soon start releasing simpler parts of this persistent world. The initial release will be a smaller region of the wasteland that players and their tribes will compete over for control.

Each world-synched battle that players hold will be directly linked to the game world map. When players start a game, they will select the section of the world map they are contesting in the upcoming battle. At the end of the match, the victorious player (and their tribe) will gain control of that world map tile until another player challenges him and takes it for himself.

World Events

Having a single-instance, persistent world will also allow for “World Events.” These will be periodic, temporary updates to the world that will affect subscribed players for a specified duration of time. World Events could include natural disasters, discovery of pre-war weapon caches, or a new tribe which has invaded the revealed world map. These events may provide player tribes with new types of loot, new unlockable missions and achievements, new NPC races, or new character skills and advancement. Player participation in world events will of course be optional, but the intent is to use these as ways to announce new tribes, characters, downloadable content, and stories, as well as providing new and exciting scenarios and missions for the player community.

World events will also be major opportunities for players to influence the game narrative, as these events will often come from the player community’s interests and requests, and the results of which will have a lasting impact on the game world.


Initially, the living world of Lands of Ruin will focus on only one region, but will expand over time, once the player base reaches a large enough level.

The region of focus in this initial release is an area of the now wasted land known as Arkadia. This setting is a perfect place to start the game’s narrative, as Arkadia and its surrounding territory were once an advanced, utopian city-state, which was tragically dragged into its destruction during the final global conflict.

This now shattered gem of a city lies in complete waste, and its surrounding lands are occupied by scavenging tribes competing for the scraps of supplies, weapons, and technology that can still be found inside the cratered walls.

These wasteland tribes send raiding parties into the dilapidated city streets to search for resources that will give them advantages over enemy tribes. However, these tribes never dare to wholly relocate themselves inside the city walls. Innumerable dangers still grip Arkadia’s darkened streets and towering ruins. Leftovers from the final war still stalk the streets, mercilessly stalking any remnants of humanity that dare to wander within the shattered defenses.

Lands of Ruin will continue to develop into a rich, story-driven game with the help of our players and community. We look forward to bringing all of this to you, and giving you the chance to help us create the next chapters of the world history.