Hybrid Tabletop Gaming As It Should Be

Lands of Ruin is a tabletop game where tablets replace classic rulebooks, character cards, stat sheets, and pen-and-paper calculations. Using a tablet to drive gameplay allows us to add previously impossible types of realism and game mechanisms to Lands of Ruin.


Complex Game Mechanisms Handled by the App

The Lands of Ruin game rules are fairly complex as they try to closely simulate realism. However, the companion

AI Controlled NPCs

The battlefield is not empty. Players' tribes confront remnants of the final war in the form of automated drones, decaying battle mechs still executing their wartime

Hidden characters & Secret activity

Previously in wargaming, hidden characters and secret actions were not so hidden or secret. Minis had to be placed on the tabletop, and secret

MMO & RPG-like features

Characters gain experience and skills as well as obtain new equipment during battles. The players choose characters from their tribes

World history

The history of the Lands of Ruin world is unique, rich, and full of stories. The final war that destroyed civilization still rages on as a ghost was being


The Lands of Ruin game rules are fairly complex as they try to closely simulate realism. However, the companion tablet app hides most of the complexity, and players don't

Simultaneous action

There are multiple ways that the rules of LoR simulate simultaneous action more closely than any other game. Ie. characters can be attacked while moving from cover to cover, damage is resolved in realistic way, the environment actually affects gameplay, etc.

Multiplayer games

Lands of Ruin will support games with more than 2 sides. We're even planning to bring you drop-in-drop-out style gameplay where more players can join an ongoing game and players can leave a game at any point.

Tutorial mode

The Lands of Ruin Command Console companion tablet app is the gamemaster, rulebook, and a teacher. New players can jump into playing a game by following the tutorial instructions of the app instead of spending ages reading rulebooks and trying to learn everything beforehand.

Battle Reports

Since the app logs all actions and events each player performs, as well as their outcomes, these logs can be easily converted into video and pictorial battle reports through use of the tablets’ built in camera.

About the game

Lands of Ruin is a post-apocalypse, tabletop wargame. However, it is not just another run-of-the-mill clone of every other game on the market. This next generation tabletop game utilises the recent advances in mobile technology to bring a more realistic, faster paced, and deeper gaming experience to the already mature tabletop wargaming genre. A companion tablet (Android and iOS) app allows for more rapid gameplay, while simultaneously introducing a level of depth and realism that cannot be achieved in other game systems.


Lands of Ruin is a skirmish scale, near-future, Sci-Fi game. It is usually played with two players, both with 5 to 10 characters on their side. Key features allowed by our approach:

Artificial intelligence controlled NPCs (Rotters, Mechs, Drones, non-player soldiers, etc).

Detailed simulation of the world outside the gaming area.

Information that is not known by both players (hidden characters like snipers, severity of wounds, etc).

Detailed tracking of each character and their experience accumulation.

Better simulation of simultaneous action – actions of different characters happening at the same time.

Game Rules

Lands of Ruin is played with a companion tablet app. Many of the rule details are handled by the app without user actions. However, we do want to make all the rules available to players so they know what’s going on in the background. The rules will be released as a free ebook download once the game launches.

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